Years of development,
which promotes experience.

Allianz Gold’s growth as an established company in the industry has taken years of hard work to forge business relationships with all parties involved, with the utmost responsibility and respect.

Allianz Gold’s purpose, explained by our CEOs

Rubén Alanis
We decided to launch Allianz Gold for several reasons: firstly, because we are passionate about investments, and secondly, because we realised that gold is one of the safest securities to invest in, a “capsule of tranquillity” to protect personal assets and wealth against the volatility of other assets, thus ensuring that our clients can avoid uncertainty and escape bankruptcies, safeguarding their present for future generations.

From the outset, we have been dedicated to forging long-lasting relationships of trust with all partners involved in the procurement and management of all the gold we make available to our investors and clients.

Juan Cenizo
Allianz Gold was created not only to help investors and buyers of gold to have the best quality, but also as a company that wants to offer mining companies the best opportunities and conditions to carry on their activity.

We want to establish ourselves in the eyes of all our clients, investors and suppliers as the key driver of a lasting partnership between those who source and work gold and those who ultimately buy or invest in it.
management of all the gold we make available to our investors and clients.

Behind a big change, there is always a new way of
thinking, evaluating and doing.

Allianz Gold was founded at the request of institutional clients in the GCC region, who were looking to invest in gold mining to obtain their physical gold reserves as stores of value from a partner they could trust and who knew first-hand the real challenges and needs of the African and Latin American mining industry. That is why, more than a decade ago, Allianz Gold was created to meet the unique needs of institutional and private gold investors with a disruptive business model, without intermediaries and based on the highest standards of privacy, security, unparalleled service and fair pricing.

Our business concept was inspired by the motivation to offer an extra quality to our clients and suppliers and with the firm idea of carrying out gold transactions on a global scale; we are dynamic, responsible and in constant growth.


Our culture is based on service, quality and efficiency. Thanks to a rigorous approach to risk management and compliance, Allianz Gold is now one of the largest private companies of its kind in the world.


Our ambition is to be recognised as a corporate responsibility leader in the physical gold trading industry.

Our “expertise”
is in securing physical gold assets in jurisdictions with special tax advantages, maximising the return on your gold portfolios, with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Our “CGS” approach,
to building smart assets


We know how to face the present and future of mining and its trade, and that is why we are committed to each of our clients to offer them the most advantageous purchase option.


Our industrial and investment grade bars and ingots are sourced from high grade ore deposits, refined in the industry’s most reputable refining plants and transported and stored in fully secured and protected vaults by the world’s most reputable security, logistics, warehousing and storage companies.


From beginning to end. In every process that is in place, in every transaction and in the protection of every purchasing service that we put in place.

Our two lines of action


Physical gold trading

We secure reliable supplies of physical gold worldwide at competitive prices.


Asset portfolio

We make strategic investments, which provide access to infrastructure, advanced technology and physical gold trading markets.

Long-lasting partnerships,
with our suppliers and clients

Suppliers who trust us

Our suppliers have the confidence that Allianz Gold provides them as a strategic and economic partner; because we not only contact them and buy their gold; we are fully involved in their development and provide them with the material and human resources necessary to carry out their extraction and processing work with the utmost safety, professionalism and productivity.

We are extremely proud of the work we have done at all the gold mines we work with in Africa and Latin America and we hope, of course, to expand our horizons to new suppliers who want to work with us.

Working with major clients around the world

Our experience has allowed us to work with the best clients in the world, which are included in different areas of investment, both with public and private entities:

Governments, central banks, private banks, insurers, foundations, investment funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, multi-family offices, family offices, wealth managers, reserve asset managers, stock exchanges, market operators, bullion dealers, precious metal refiners, fine jewellery manufacturers, traders and brokers.

From the mine, to the vault.
We create comprehensive experiences based on innovation.

A high-level differential service

With our inherent mining and commercial expertise, we maximise financial opportunities by looking at assets differently.

We contact our buyers or investors with the utmost discretion and in the most convenient way according to their needs. We go wherever you need us to go.

Specialised and personalised management

There are many reasons for buying or investing in gold. That is why at Allianz Gold we know how important it is to evaluate and personalise each purchase or investment approach, as well as to be clear about the conditions and the best guarantees in terms of security measures. For this reason, we provide our clients with the best professionals in the sector, in order to invest or buy their gold with the best market conditions and guaranteeing them a product of the best possible quality and purity.

Extensive and competitive product and service offerings

The characteristics of our gold are unbeatable and so are the investment and purchase terms and conditions. However, it is not the only important thing and, at Allianz Gold, we know that. That’s why, in addition to guaranteeing the best quality and purity of your gold, we take care of the complete management of transport and storage, so you can rest assured that your investments will be one hundred per cent secure and controlled in the safest jurisdictions in the world.


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