A purity between
90 and 99.9%

A product with the necessary features
for our buyers and investors.

Are you interested in investing in gold or do you need the best quality raw material to make luxury products? At Allianz Gold we offer you the opportunity to purchase or invest in gold of the highest levels of purity.

1kg DORE bars

To 20kg
90 to 98% purity

Our Dore bars from 1kg to 20kg are perfect for gold buyers who need raw material to make jewellery or other industrial gold-based products.
These are bars of raw gold, with a guaranteed purity of between 90 and 98%.

Our years of direct relationship with small and medium-sized local mining operators allows us to have a continuous supply of Gold Nuggets direct from the mine production we smelt at Dore Bars.

1kg ingots

To 12.5kg
99.5 to 99.9% purity

Our ingots from 1kg to 12.5kg are produced after a complex and sophisticated refining and melting process.
It is the refinement of our major global partners that allows us to offer our investors the best bars, with a purity of between 95.5 and 99.9%.

Our years of partnership have enabled us to supply certified ingot bars to prestigious public and private entities: distributors, brokers, wealth managers, family offices, investment funds, insurers, private and central banks around the world.

The quality of our gold is benchmarked against the highest international quality standards. We offer test reports and purity certification.

We don’t just offer you gold with a high percentage of purity:

We can also provide you with personalised advice

We help you to invest or buy gold of the best quality and with the best terms and conditions.

Differential high-level service, with a specialised and personalised solution in investment advice and discretionary portfolio management.

“Gold can be
your best asset
in times of uncertainty”

Juan Cenizo – CEO & Director de Allianz Gold.

The process of tracing our gold
is what makes it a pure and high-quality product


The process of tracing our gold is what makes it a pure and high-quality product
Allianz Gold complies with all relevant regulations for responsible sourcing and, thanks to our comprehensive management, we are able to monitor quality at all times.

Our services add value at every stage of the supply chain.





Democratising global connectivity between
producers, investors and buyers


Allianz Gold works with small and medium-sized open-pit gold miners in several African and Latin American countries. We supervise the processes, the quality of the material obtained and ensure that these facilities have all the equipment and human resources required to carry out the activity, with maximum safety and the best guarantees. Not only do we contract gold mining operators, but we also travel to all of them on a regular basis to monitor the adequacy and adherence to the established production and delivery schedule.

All gold purchased by Allianz Gold is without intermediaries, at fair prices and with the utmost discretion and legality.


Allianz Gold works closely with the best LBMA (London Bullion Metal Association) and DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Centre) certified gold refining plants in the United Arab Emirates. They are strategically located and are responsible for guaranteeing the fineness, purity, weight, serial numbers and year of manufacture of each of the gold bars that Allianz Gold makes available to our investors.

The world’s best refining plants in Dubai, Zurich, Liechtenstein, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong.


At Allianz Gold we know that trust is the most important thing for our clients, which is why our strategic partners Brinks and Loomis provide you with unrivalled service and security at the heart of every transport operation, anywhere in the world. Thanks to their own international capabilities, both companies are competent to provide gold bar reception, delivery and storage services. Shipments with Comprehensive Insurance throughout transit.


Allianz Gold provides highly secure storage options for physical gold outside the banking system in geographically diversified vaults in 7 selected locations in Dubai, Zurich, Liechtenstein, London, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We provide impeccable customised services worldwide, based on speed, discretion and maximum security.

Store your gold in Dubai, Zurich, Liechtenstein, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The best of Arica’s and Latin America’s gold deposits, at your fingertips.

We seek a balance between the well-being of our mining partners and the best investments for our clients.

We work with the bestmining companies in Africa and Latin America.

Clients and investors around the world already place their trust in Allianz Gold.

Our ingots and bars are accredited by the most
important stock exchanges

Allianz Gold, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of bars accredited by the major stock exchanges. We can make physical deliveries of gold bars and ingots.

“ Physical gold exchange” contracts approved by
major market centres:

• London Stock Exchange – United Kingdom (LBMA).
• New York Stock Exchange – United States (COMEX).
• Shanghai Stock Exchange – China (SGE).

*LBMA contracts are for 400 ounce ingots.
*COMEX contracts are for 1kg or 100 oz. ingots.
*SGE contracts are for 1kg ingots.

Our refining plants are
LBMA Good Delivery certified

What are our agreements
with buyers and investoris like?

1. You select which type of bar you are interested in buying or investing in.

a) Buy DORE bars of between 1kg and 20kg, with purity from 90 to 98%. Bars ranging from 1kg to 5kg with a purity of 96% are the most commonly supplied.

b) Invest in ingots of between 1kg and 12.5kg, with a purity from 99.5 to 99.99%. The 1kg bars with a purity of 99.99% are the top sellers.

2. You select the amount in a single payment or monthly, to purchase or invest.

a) One-off spot purchase (also called a “spot purchase”) Between 50 and 1,000 kilograms.

b) Supply contract 50 kg to 1,000 kg per month/25 kg to 500 kg per fortnight. Minimum contract duration: 1 year renewable, by mutual agreement.

3. You select where you want the deliveries to be made.

a) Anywhere in the world.

b) In one of the high-security vaults within the global network of the world’s largest operator.

4. Select the most convincing and convenient payment method.

a) Cash purchase: By bank transfer or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum). b) Annual supply contract: by letter of credit, bank transfer or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin/Ethereum).

We will send you a personalised and detailed quotation for your approval.

*LBMA discount – A discount to be determined per kilogram will be applied. *The sale price will be based on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) second fixing price on the day of purchase, less the applicable discount according to the amount to be purchased or invested. *The reference price for gold is set by the LBMA, which is the independent authority for the precious metals and gold market.


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