We are your unique partner.

We offer you direct access to a global production and logistics network.

We manage everything from gold mining and refining, physical and financial trading, to complete transport and storage options in highly secure vaults.

Our value proposition is based on the management and control of the entire gold traceability process.

Thanks to our global production and logistics network.


At Allianz Gold, we are constantly on the lookout for new mining sites to boost your capacity. We already work with more than 12 different mines in Africa and Latin America and this number is growing.

We personally evaluate and improve all the key stages of the mine’s operating cycle, from the technical-economic, labour, social and environmental assessment, through the provision of human resources, infrastructure and equipment, to the technology of the mineral extraction process and its subsequent processing, so that the results of your activity and the quality of the materials obtained are excellent.


We work only with the best professionals and companies in the world.

That is why our reliable refining plants are officially LBMA and DMCC certified, coupled with the most advanced smelting and refining technology, which results in bars of the highest quality and accepted by the world’s banking and stock markets.

70% of our gold bars are refined in Switzerland and Dubai and the rest in London, Chicago, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore and we store the gold in the countries most convenient for you.


Secure transportation is one of the most important processes for Allianz Gold, because we know how important it is for our investors and buyers to have peace of mind and real-time control over the status of their gold transportation.

That’s why we work with Brinks and Loomis, who allow us to offer you:
– Secure and totally private shipments during transit.
– Integrated network in 110 countries with global inventory tracking software.
– Transport with Comprehensive Insurance by air and road, with armoured vehicles up to storage and custody.


Allianz Gold offers secure gold storage options in the world’s most secure vaults, outside the banking system and located in the most investor-friendly jurisdictions, where individual financial freedoms and private property rights are guaranteed to be respected (and protected).

Our investors have the option of 100% dedicated and secure segregated storage in their own name, from safe deposit boxes for the storage of kilograms of gold, to large private rooms with the capacity to store large amounts of gold. They can also personally inspect or completely withdraw their gold holdings with only 24/48 hours’ notice, as well as free availability for independent auditing of the investor’s assets.

Where can I store my gold?
In the best vaults and high-security safes around the world.







Hong Kong

Cayman Islands

Quality assurance of our gold

Our mines are regularly supervised by external auditors to ensure compliance with legal and technical provisions relating to the safety of the mine infrastructure and human resources as well as environmental protection.

Project development

Advice to the team

Technical audits

Specialised machinery

How is our product different
from all the others?

DORE BARS from 1 to 20kg
90 – 98% purity

For jewellery manufacturers looking to meet supply and delivery deadlines.

For our luxury jewellery manufacturing clients, we have raw gold of between 90% and 98% purity.

INGOTS from 1kg to 12.5kg
95.5% – 99.9% purity

With the best terms and conditions on the market, to diversify your investments wherever you want.

We advise you, whatever the interest of your investment: for the reserves of central banks and private banks, for your family assets, etc. You can always count on us to help you create your tax-optimised investment plans.

We know the African and South American supply channels better than anyone.

The world’s most trusted companies, serving the security of your gold investment.


Our offices

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We have a dedicated customer service team, so we offer you several options for contacting a member of our team of investment experts to learn more about our products, services and opportunities.

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